Deep Sushi was founded in the fall of 1996 by a group of entrepreneur physicians who considered themselves sushi connosiours. One of the original partners had spent two years in Japan during a militatry committement and sampled sushi thoroughout Tokyo. Deep Sushi went from concept to grand opening in less than one year. When Deep Sushi opened, there were only a handful of sushi restaurants in Dallas. Names such as Makamotos, Yamaccuchis, and Mr. Sushi dominated the then established old school sushi scene at that time.

Deep Sushi offered a breath of fresh air, offering sushi in a much more lively and invigorating atmosphere in the heart of the entertainment district known as Deep Ellum. 

Deeep Sushi was an instant success and attracted nightly crowds of Dallas' up-and-coming professionals. It became a regular hangout of both sports professionals as well as the occasional entertainers who attended events in the Dallas area.

Deep Sushi has been frequented by entertainers such as Harrison Ford, the late Chris Farley--and sports legends such as Troy Aikman. Over the years as deep ellum has changed , Deep Sushi has kept its committment and focus on delivering the freshest sushi availble in a lively, fun atmosphere. This has helped Deep Sushi continue to prosper when other more established venues have either closed or packed up and moved elsewhere.